How Performing Arts Can Help Your Child Grow

Allow Your Child To Experience The Developmental Benefits Of Dance

The human brain endures its greatest period of development during the first six years of life. Incorporating creative activities like dance in your child's routine can help foster positive development during this period. Here are just some of the benefits dance and other artistic activities can offer your little one.

Motor Skills

Dance is more than a recreational activity, but it is also a highly physical activity that can increase your child's motor skills. Dance requires you to move the body in a number of different ways. Especially for toddlers who are just learning the different ways in which they can move and alter their body, this can be especially helpful.

Dancing teaches coordination, balance and perception of their body. For instance, this practices teaches your child to be more aware of their control and placement of their limbs. This won't just help your child improve in the area of dancing, but it can also be helpful in other areas of their development, such as writing because it helps build their dexterity.

Visual Learning

Dance enhances a child's ability to learn by watching others. When an instructor performs a movement, the children will be taught to watch the instructor and mimic their actions. In terms of learning independence, when your child has better visual learning abilities that can more easily pick up on practices like dressing themselves, putting up their toys and engaging with other children.

In terms of academics, visual learning will make it easier for your child to follow instructions from the teacher, even when they aren't offered a one-on-one exchange in the classroom.


Even small children who participate in dance can benefit from increased confidence. Dance promotes individual creative expression which can teach a child to be themselves and express themselves as they see fit. Dance also fosters an environment where your child will be complimented often, such as "great job" and other praises.

This type of environment can give your child a sense of achievement and motivate them. Dance can also help a child overcome the fear of stranger danger as they will be more used to engaging in front of people other than their family members.

Dancing is more about expression that it is a wrong or a right way, making it a great addition for children of all ages. Whether it's tap, jazz, ballet or a parent and me class, let your child enjoy this creative expression.

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How Performing Arts Can Help Your Child Grow

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