How Performing Arts Can Help Your Child Grow

Bring These Items To Every Acting Class

If you're about to start classes at an acting studio such as TGW  Acting Studio, you know you need to bring your scripts, monologue book, and other class-type accessories to each session. But just as important are other accessories that make your participation in the class a lot easier. These are simple to pack up and bring in, so place them all in a bag and hang it by your purse or messenger bag so you'll remember them each day.

Bottled Water

Do not rely on the idea that there will be a water fountain somewhere nearby. While there probably will be, the water might not taste the way you like, and you'd be restricted to getting water on breaks. Bring a bottle of water (with a screw-on cap or leakproof lid) with you to each session and slowly sip it throughout class. The water will help you stay alert in classes at night, after a long day at work, and it will help keep your mouth and throat in better shape for speaking.

Throat Lozenges and Sprays

If you're working on a particularly difficult monologue, scene, or task for class that involves a lot of talking, yelling, crying, or anything else that would hurt your throat, keep throat lozenges or sprays with you. Don't overuse them, but use them every now and then if you feel your throat starting to get a bit tired. If you feel pain in your throat, though, stop your work and let your teacher know. If there's pain, you need to rest your voice (and possibly get the pain checked by a doctor).

Jewelry Pouch

A lot of studios request that you remove watches and jewelry, as well as hard headbands and hair clips, because some acting exercises involve lying on the floor, and your personal accessories can hurt others if you're working on a scene that's fairly physical. If you're coming to class from home, you can leave the items there. But if you're coming from work or another school, keep a pouch with you that will protect your jewelry and other items. That way, you don't have to toss them in your bag and hope you don't lose or break them.

Comfortable Shoes

Always wear comfortable shoes in class unless you are performing a skit that requires a specific pair. Even then, you should wear comfortable shoes when you are not performing that skit. You're going to be moving around and standing for a long time at points, and you need to be able to withstand that without putting your feet, ankles, and knees in pain.

Acting studios are wonderful places where you can explore your ability to create characters in a safe space. But it can be active, and these items will help you remain more comfortable for the duration of the class.

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How Performing Arts Can Help Your Child Grow

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